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The center of your Camelot fortress: the Main Menu.  From here you can instantly see up-to-the-minute vital stats and easily access every part of the program.

The main menu has three key sections; the core-feature buttons, the Vital Stats display, and the comprehensive pull-down menu categories at the top.

The selection of Vital Stats can be customized from dozens of possible category choices. and visibility is controlled on a user-by-user basis, so that only authorized people can see your sensitive information.

Camelot Contact Information Screen
The Contact Information Screen: gateway to all details for a given client, prospect, or other contact.  Here your contact’s records are neatly arranged into tabbed sections.

The colored bar near the top indicates the contact’s status at a glance, whether prospect, Preferred, VIP, etc.

Full history can be found very quickly in any category, whether it be order history, payment history, notes, phone logs, or other.

Time-saving actions can be taken directly from this screen, such as running related reports, creating a new order, or copying past order details onto a new order.  You’ll be in confident control of every interaction!

Scheduling in Camelot is powerful and effective both in the office and on mobile.  Camelot’s resolution-independent screen actually shows more data on higher-resolution monitors, not just enlarged data; you can even drag the schedule across dual monitors for a commanding view of many days and/or vehicles at once!

The Schedule screen is also very flexible: customize vehicle images, background colors, and more.  Plus you can instantly switch between multiple views (like day & night shift, or in-plant vs. on-location), show or hide details in job boxes, lift to reschedule, set auto recurring schedules, and much more.

Print off route sheets for technicians, and get driving directions via Google maps for maximum routing effectiveness.

Camelot Work Order, Style 1
Creating quotes and orders in Camelot is like, well, magic.  This is thanks to our Magic Paper Order Screen.  We call it that because it is even easier to work with than a real paper counterpart; wherever you’d normally write with a pen, simply click to input your info.  But unlike regular paper, Camelot’s Magic Paper Order Screen automatically fills so much, including your customer’s address info, service and product descriptions, past order history, phone upsells, and Insta-note comments.

Camelot’s order screen also does the calculations so you don’t have to.  It uses your preferred unit of measure, summarizes service areas, calculates all the subtotal prices, and knows what gets taxed and what doesn’t, based on your settings.  It can even calculate multiple tax rates for every zip or postal code that you service!

Choose from many proven form layouts.  Camelot ships with dozens of proven form layouts.  Whether you want to add your own logo graphic or use a plain-text company name, whether you prefer more color or black & white, whether you want to show discounts or not, Camelot has you covered.  Choose one layout for screen work and another for printing.  Pick a laser print or tractor fed style.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even tweak a layout to change fonts, colors, and more!

Running your business has never been so fun.

Camelot Mobile Features

You Host Your Data

Our unique design allows you to stay in maximum control of your data.  The Mobile Server sends data to authorized people via a secure connection.

You Set Permissions

You choose what each mobile user can access.  Allow each tech to only see their route, but managers and owners to see all routes plus report data as well.

Get There w/Google Maps

One button push from the order gives your tech directions from his current location to the job, via Google Maps.  What could be easier?

Stays in Sync

Field and office changes update in real time, with each screen refresh.  Your office can add jobs, and your tech can update the orders & see changes instantly!

Camelot Mobile on Phones

Techs can see their schedule up-to-the-minute, get 1-touch driving directions via Google Maps, no call to office dispatch needed.  Owners & managers with permission can view real-time Vital Stats, reports, and routes for all crews.  Whether on Apple/iOS or Android, Camelot mobile works beautifully on phones.


Access Contact History Details

A touch on the contact’s name will open up details about that contact for review or editing.  The Camelot Mobile Contact Info area shows Notes, job sites, order history, and more.

Tracks Productivity & Order Upsells

When your and/or your tech is on-site and ready to begin, pressing “start now” initiates a job timer.  At any point that additional work is sold, you can put the job into the status of “Adding Upsells” so that any related commissions are calculated accordingly.  Once the job is finished, touching “finish now” stops the timer, and later reports will show which techs or crews are the most productive.

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