Camelot KING 3-4-4 Preferred Triennial Subscription: Best Value

$2,449.00 every 3 years

Always enjoy the latest Camelot release & stay connected to an excellent Support Plan!  This subscription gives you access to one Camelot database installation.  It includes 3 Office Users, 4 routes, and 4 free Mobile users.  Renews every 3 years.


About this Camelot Subscription:

Enjoy the latest Camelot release plus a great Support Plan!  This Camelot KING subscription is for one database.  It comes with 3 Office Users and 4 Routes.  It also includes 4 free Mobile users.  This renews every 3 years.

Camelot Software installs locally on your computer.  It is not web-based.  This gives users maximum speed and control over their data.  It is compatible with Windows 10 and other Windows versions.  Camelot can also be run on a Mac without rebooting.  This means you can use your Camelot and Mac programs at the same time.  This is done with affordable virtual machine software and a valid Windows license.

Camelot Mobile stays in sync with your office.  Any changes from the office or the field will be visible in real-time.  Camelot Mobile is compatible with any mobile device.  This includes Android and Apple.  It has a streamlined interface that is designed for mobile screen sizes.  You can access the full Camelot interface on any remote device by using a VPN.