Camelot Mobile Features

You Host Your Data

Our unique design allows you to stay in maximum control of your data.  The Mobile Server sends data to authorized people via a secure connection.

You Set Permissions

You choose what each mobile user can access.  Allow each tech to only see their route, but managers and owners to see all routes plus report data as well.

Get There w/Google Maps

One button push from the order gives your tech directions from his current location to the job, via Google Maps.  What could be easier?

Stays in Sync

Field and office changes update in real time, with each screen refresh.  Your office can add jobs, and your tech can update the orders & see changes instantly!

Camelot Mobile on Tablets

You will have full access to all quote, order, and invoice details from your mobile device.  One touch on the job’s “plus” icon expands the order.  From there, simply touch with your finger or stylus to add the information you want.  Your clients can even sign directly on the mobile device to authorize the work, and you can email them an invoice from your mobile device when you’re done!

Camelot Mobile on Phones

Techs can see their schedule up-to-the-minute, get 1-touch driving directions via Google Maps, no call to office dispatch needed.  Owners & managers with permission can view real-time Vital Stats, reports, and routes for all crews.  Whether on Apple/iOS or Android, Camelot mobile works beautifully on phones.


More Great Features of Camelot Mobile

Access Contact History Details

A touch on the contact’s name will open up details about that contact for review or editing.  The Camelot Mobile Contact Info area shows Notes, job sites, order history, and more.

Tracks Productivity & Order Upsells

When your and/or your tech is on-site and ready to begin, pressing “start now” initiates a job timer.  At any point that additional work is sold, you can put the job into the status of “Adding Upsells” so that any related commissions are calculated accordingly.  Once the job is finished, touching “finish now” stops the timer, and later reports will show which techs or crews are the most productive.

Still More Camelot Mobile Magic


Creates new Orders

Include all the details: areas/items serviced, dimensions, notes, and pricing that’s auto-calculated.

Keeps Contacts Current

You can easily make updates to your contact’s address, phone, email, plus add contact notes.

Emails Quotes

Send it where the prospect can’t lose it…their inbox.  All the details will be readily avaiable to discuss.

Live Schedule Updates

Any changes from the office will apprear in real time, each time you access your schedule view.

Get Approval

Have your client sign to authorize the work directly on your mobile device.  How cool is that?

Records Payments

Whether check, debit, or credit, you can make note of the details given directly on the order.

Emails Invoices

Once the job is done, a simple button push sends a detailed invoice to the client.

Tracks Job Source

Any changes from the office will apprear in real time, each time you access your schedule view.

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