How to Recover Data from Camelot Version 2.4-2.5
Into Your Camelot 3.7 Upgrade

NOTE: Live help with this process is *NOT* included with the upgrade, but is available as a paid service. To purchase data recovery assistance, submit a request via your Help Center portal or email 

Your Camelot License Account is where you will  access your data recovery materials.  This includes:

  1.  Recovery tutorial materials inside your Memberships area
  2.  An intermediate upgrade download with a data migration utility
  3.  The download for your new Camelot3 upgrade


Ctrl+ click here to view a tutorial video in a new tab

How to Recover Your Data


1.  Establish access to your old Camelot folder

IMPORTANT: If you are copying files from a backup location, be sure and copy the *entire* Camelot (or CleanEXEC) folder, not just the database file.  This will allow the data recovery utility to find the workgroup files needed for a successful recovery.

Copy your old Camelot folder to the C:\Program Files (x86) location.

TIP:  If your old version is still working on your old computer, try getting the data recovery completed there.  Then you can install the new Camelot and move the new data file to a new computer.


2.  Download & Install Intermediate Upgrade Version 2.6.5 (3 min.)

IMPORTANT: You should to the following steps on the computer where you want to perform the data recovery.

Camelot Version 2.6.5 contains the utility you will use to recover the data.  You will find the download in your Camelot License Account area; login there now.

a.  Make sure you are on the Dashboard, then click the Downloads tab to see the Intermediate 2.6.5 Upgrade download.  Click it to download.  Once it is downloaded, you must then install it.

This is ONLY required if you are attempting to recover data from Camelot 2.0-2.5 or from CleanEXEC. If you are upgrading from Camelot 2.6 or newer, you do not need the above intermediate upgrade.

b. Choose “Save” to download the Camelot265InstallOBS.exe file to your computer.

c. Once the above file has finished downloading, choose “Run”. Make sure you are on the computer where you have your old folder for recovery!

You will see a warning screen.  Click “More Info” and choose “Download Anyway” since you know it’s from us.

d. From the screen that appears, choose Install > Camelot Software.

e. When prompted, Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.

If during the installation, the installation program asks for an install key code (which is different from an authorization code), you can use: JOHN316.

Once installed, you can open File Explorer and browse to C:\Program Files (x86) to confirm that a folder called Camelot is there.


3. Perform Stage 1 Data Recovery:


a. With version 2.6.5 installed but not open, click in the Windows search box on your task bar and search for “db”. You will see Camelot DB Utility program appear highlighted.  Press Enter to open the utility.

b. When you run the Camelot DB Utility program for the first time, it should detect that you have CleanEXEC/Camelot 2.0-2.5 installed and that it needs to move that database over to Camelot 2.6.5. Click OK or Yes when prompted.

If your old Camelot folder is not detected

There is no cause for alarm.  You can browse to Restore from a Backup using option 2 on the Camelot Database Utilities screen, Restore from a Backup.

Next, click on Main Database file.



Use the grey folder icon to the right of the Look In box to browse for your folder.  Select the desired databse file (the name will end in .mdb) then choose Restore from Selected Backup.

c. Once the utility is done, close it.  Open the Camelot 2.6.5 program by double-clicking the Camelot (NOT the Camelot3) shortcut icon on your desktop.  

Login to Camelot 2.6.5.
User name and password are CASE-SENSITIVE.

User Name: Manager

Password: password

It will then automatically upgrade to the Camelot 2.6.5 database structure.



4. Perform Stage 2 Recovery: From 2.6.5 to 3.7


IMPORTANT: Be sure that the ENTIRE (old) Camelot folder is present on the computer where you are installing version 3.7. If you are installing 3.7 on a different computer, first move a copy of the Camelot folder, including all subfolders, to that computer.


1. Install Camelot 3.7 from the Downloads area of your Camelot License Account.

2. Restart your computer

3. Open your new Camelot 3 program (double-click on the new Camelot3 icon on your desktop, not the Camelot icon)

4. From the pull-down menu at the top, choose Tools>Import>Upgrade from Camelot 2.6.5.The 2.6.5 Import Dialog will show the default installation location of Camelot 2.6.5.

IMPORTANT: If you are not 100% sure that the shown location is correct for your 2.6.5 database file (named “Data.mdb” by default), then click No when it asks if the location is correct.

Browse for the correct location by clicking the small yellow folder to the right of the file path, then searching your computer.  Remember, you are searching for the Camelot (NOT Camelot3) folder which also contains your old Database folder, which is where your old data file should be.

6. Once you find the location of your desired 2.6.5 data file, select it.  The path to the selected file will now show in the field.

7. Click CONVERT!

8. After a few seconds, you should see files beginning to convert. Once you see this, you will also see an estimated time to completion. Let it work until it is done.

9. Once the conversion is successfully finished, log in by double-clicking the Camelot3 icon on your desktop (not the old Camelot icon, if any)

Login is case-sensitive

Camelot 3.7 Default User name: ADMIN

Camelot 3.7 Default Password: camelot

10. You will be able to see your cusotmer list in the Clients/Contacts area and your orders in the Quotes/Orders area of 3.7.  Congratulations!  Your recovery is complete!


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Paid Option: “Done for You” Data Recovery Attempt Service

The Data Recovery Package does not come with support beyond this documentation and accompanying video. We do have a paid “Done for You” option.

This is where, with your permission, we make a remote connection to your computer and attempt to recover your data. A common fee for data recovery attempt services is $2,500 and up; we make this available as a paid option for $899. We reserve the right to stop offering the service at any time without notice. Due to many factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee a favorable result; you may get no data recovered. Other terms apply.

Please understand that you are paying for our time to attempt your data recovery, and so the service is non-refundable once ordered.  To request this service, please contact us via your Help Center account or 

Thank you!